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Sport/Social Influencer Program

We offer both:

    - access - to the next level of "cool kids"

    - research and understanding - to know who they are, what motivates them, and how to get them to act.

We simply combine

    - talking to them Every. Single. Day... with

    - the most in-depth understanding of their beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, utilizing the most powerful consumer in-sight databases in the world


Let us put your product in their hands.  Let us help them adopt you, and promote you to their peers, simply by having you as a part of their life.

"The longest lines we've ever seen"  Matt Wszolek, Cubs

Sports Marketing

Sponsorship Marketing - We do all of the "ation"s.

- Ideation

- Negotiation

- Consultation

- Activation

- Evaluation

And we do it "backwards", evidently.  From the client's POV and needs as opposed to utilizing available inventory.

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